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    Russia Confirms The Simplified Measure For “FSS notification”
    From January 2023, the Russian governmental Decree No. 2515 (dated on 29 Dec. 2022) came into force, which confirms the updates and extending of simplified procedure (Decree No. 834, dated on 9 May 2022) for importing electronic devices with encryption methods, which will valid until the end of 2023.
    The Decree No. 834 confirms the possibility of applying FSS notification through not only “The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB)” in Russia; but through also following Russian organizations.



    Association of Developers of Computer Technologies of Trust and Security "Trusted Platform"


    Autonomous non-profit organization for the development of the radio-electronic industry "Computer Engineering Consortium"


    Autonomous non-profit organization for assistance in the development of digital infrastructure "Consortium "Telecommunication Technologies"


    Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment RATEK


    Association of Developers and Manufacturers of Electronics


    Association of Computer and Information Technology Enterprises

    By the same Decree, it is also confirmed the possibility of not providing FSS notification in case of importing the devices as components for the industrial production in Russia. Note that this rule only applies to Russian manufacturers, which were approved in specific lists.
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